Today's evolving lifestyles bring increasing demands from the consumers. Staying
competitive depends on your response to this challenge. Your company's ability to
meet needs of a fast moving market is crucial and the smallest detail makes a world 
of difference.

Experienced, dynamic and commited, TexCon is dedicated to fulfil the needs
of an industry where staying in front is vital. Big enough to handle the demands of
major international brands whilst recognizing and valuing the importance of the
smaller company, our flexibility and openness to innovation affords TexCon the
scope to offer a level of service that can help to keep you ahead of the field in a fast
moving world.

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TexCon Lda
‚ÄčAv. do Forte 3
2794-047 Carnaxide

Tel: +351 214 249 990
Fax: +351 210 170 042

TexCon Svenska AB
‚ÄčKungsporten 4 A
427 50 Billdal

Tel: +46 31 939 559
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Texcon Asia Ltd
Flat K&L, 9/F., Block 1, Golden Dragon Ind. Center
152-160 Tai Lin Pai road
Kwai Chung, N.T.
Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2647 4196
Fax: +852 2637 5565